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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Personalized Grocery List - Good Time Management

Do you have your own personalized grocery list? It saves time, headaches, and wasted trips!

I created my own grocery list several years ago. Now, when I plan my menus, I take out one of my printed grocery lists and start to work! At the top of my list I have seven boxes, one for each day of the week, where I write the menu for each day.

Below the menus, I have four columns of grocery items, in the order in which my grocery store is laid out. I've listed those items with which I cook. I also have a few blank lines so I can write in items I don't often use.

I have a red chalk board in the my kitchen upon which I write items I'm running out of as I'm cooking. You could, however, just stick your grocery list on your fridge, and check off the items you need.

An advantage of having your own personalized grocery list is that, as you skim your list, you are reminded of the staples you like to have on hand before you run out. You don't even have to write a list! If you really want to look like a dork, stick that baby on a clipboard - it's much easier to handle (speaking from a dork's experience!).

Oh, and print your lists on recycled paper that has been used on one side. If you really want to be thrifty, print it using draft mode to save ink.

Happy grocery shopping!

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