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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Shaving a Few Minutes Off Laundry Time

Our current foster girls are game lovers. So we've played Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, quadruple solitaire, hand and foot and more! It's been fun yet consuming, too! :) This morning we have no early morning appointments, so I have a little space. Woo Hoo! So ... let's talk about laundry!

Shave a Few Minutes Off Laundry Time

If you have a rod that you hang your clean clothes on as they come out of the dryer, organize them as you hang them up.
For example, I hang my husbands sport shirts together, t-shirts together, pants together, etc. I hang my clothes at the other end of the rod and organize them in a similar way.

Even though it takes no extra time to organize your laundry this way, it does save time when it comes to putting them away in the closet.
You can take each grouping and place them with the like grouping in your closet.

If you arrange your clothes according to color, take a moment to rearrange each category, incorporating the clean clothes. And you're done!

When you organize your clothes according to color, it's easier to get dressed in the morning and find what you need.
You know what you have. Things don't get lost or overlooked. And you don't buy something you already have in your closet!

Organizing your clothes as they come out of the dryer is not very complicated, but it makes life easier. And for me, who has a mental block when it comes to getting the clean clothes into the closet, it's one less hurdle to get over. But I'm spoiled - my husband puts away the clothes. :)

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