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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Score: Herbs 1, Squirrels 0 ... So Far

As you know, I'm carrying on a never-ending battle with our squirrels. As long as I'm diligent to sprinkle dried red pepper flakes in everything, the squirrels don't bother my planters. But if it rains (like today), I have to remember to reapply the pepper flakes. So far, I'm doing pretty well. But as you can see, I caught one of the squirrels sunning himself next to my mesculun planter, just waiting for me to mess up! Sunscreen anyone?

More Herb Stuff

I spoke with Rose about my "perennial herbs." Rose is a 30+ year member of the Evening Herb Guild in Portage County, Ohio. She said that most herbs are not perennials other than chives, mint and some oregano. My parsley and cilantro came back this year, but they only last for a short time and are already waning.

So all that careful planning of my herb garden last year was for naught! I don't know where I googled my herb information last year, but my experience and Rose's expertise has proved them wrong!

Rose also mentioned that you should remove the purple blossoms from chives in order to keep them growing from year to year. She suggested putting the blossoms in vinegar to flavor it!

What a wealth of knowledge I have discovered in my aquatics class! First a master gardener and now an herb specialist! How enlightening!

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