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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Organize and Manage Your Financial Statements, Bills, Travel Rewards and Subscriptions with Manilla

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Our four foster daughters spared no effort to decorate themselves in green this morning. So joining in the spirit of the day, I made green banana muffins for breakfast. Two of the girls asked why they were green and another was creeped out by it. I'm so glad I got up at 4:15 to make this memory! LOL! 

On to our topic for the day ...
Manilla, a newly-launched webite helps you organize and manage recurring information with one click - your financial statements, bills, travel reward programs and subscriptions.  

According to USA Today, Manilla "may be best described as a loose cross between a password vault service and bill-paying sites. You enter Manilla through a single password—it in turn can log you into your various integrated credit card, bank and other sites without you having to separately enter passwords for those. 

All your info appears in a convenient dashboard. Manilla kicks off with partners such as Citi Cards and Comcast. The service is free; the company says it will get paid by its partners when consumers ditch paper statements altogether. Manilla says it will archive all your old financial statements indefinitely."

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