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Friday, April 27, 2012

You Don't Have to Have ADD to Appreciate Skoach - An ADD-Friendly Online Planner

I've been working with a business coaching client who has ADD, and he hasn't found a calendar/planner that works well with his ADD. I discovered Skoach, an online planner system designed especially for those with ADD.  

But you don't have to have ADD to enjoy this system. It's colorful and a lot more interesting than just a calendar full of words. One aspect I particularly like is the Commitment Bar, which keeps you  from becoming over-committed.

The price is as low as $8 per month and syncs to your smart phone.  

The only drawback I saw was that it only allows for one person's calendar. For example, my client coaches softball and each of his daughters has a softball schedule. He wanted to able to see both his and his daughters' schedules at the same time.

Here's some information from their website: 

"You can’t lose it! You can’t break it! You can’t leave it behind! Get Skoach, and you’ve got it covered!

Skoach was developed by internationally recognized ADHD authority Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. , author of best-selling ADD-friendly Ways to Organize Your Life.  Many of the ideas she developed in her book have been incorporated into Skoach.

Designed to help develop better executive functioning skills, Skoach is user-friendly enough for those in middle-school and sophisticated enough for adults.   Skoach makes the perfect time management partner for those with ADD (ADHD).  Here's why:
  • Helps working memory with multiple types of reminders.
  • Helps planning by providing a template for the week on which to build a schedule.
  • Helps create structure and prioritization by placing every task in a category and time range.
  • Helps improve time management through the Commitment Bar -  that guards against over-commitment.
  • Supports coaching so that parents, teachers, or coaches can access Skoach accounts to provide oversight.

If you have ADHD (ADD), get Skoach. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!"

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