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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Organized for School - Determining the Legacy You Want to Leave

I'm repeating this post from last year. It is so essential as a parent to have clarity of focus and priorities. Otherwise my life and my children's lives can become chaotic and frantic. I want to be intentional about what and whom I invest in - the legacy I pass on to future generations.

Life is busy! If I know what is important to me, I know how to use my time. I can also evaluate requests by others for my involvement or time.

A couple of times a year I try to sit down to think through what priorities and passions will guide my time. I also look at my giftedness to make sure I'm spending time using my gifts. In light of these areas, I look at the legacy I want to leave my children and foster children.

After evaluating all of these areas, I determine my goals. Then I create a template for a typical week. I use it to plan my week every week and evaluate my progress. When I have these tools in place, my home and life run more smoothly, and I'm less likely to forget things or double-schedule events. My desire is for home to be a refuge instead of a crisis center.

When my children were home, I usually did this in September, January, and May - logical times to re-evaluate my schedule. It was also when my children's schedules would change, which would necessarily affect me.

This process allows me to determine how to best use my time or evaluate the importance of new requests on my time. And it helps me to plan my time so I can accomplish those things that are important to me, rather than be tossed around by other people's goals.

Do you want to be intentional about the legacy you leave your children and future generations, but are a bit overwhelmed at knowing where to start? Check out my time management books, which guide you step-by-step to help you determine your passions, priorities, giftedness, goals, and schedule.

What legacies do you want to leave your children and future generations? Subscribers click here to comment on the original blog.

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