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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Organizing a Fun Activities List

Organizing a Fun Activity List @1-2-3GetOrganized.com/blogDo you ever think, "I want to do that sometime!" And then when you have some free time or some family time, you can't think of a thing to do? Here's a solution:

Start a list of activities to do in your area so it can spark your creative juices when you're brain dead. This can include museums. farms, pick-your-own orchards, art galleries, amusement parks, parks, hiking, zoos, etc. Add to the list games and sports you like to play

If you live in a small town like we do now, you may have to create your own fun. My husband is mentoring several boys and has tried these ideas: creating your own board game, geocaching, building models, woodworking, all kinds of sports, volunteering at the animal shelter, connecting with someone who creates video games, and more.

When we had foster children, we created a list of important things they needed to know before they left home. Each week they could choose one item they wanted to do. One week one of the girls chose "things to do with your friends." So I compiled a list of crazy parties we've had, silly dinners, and game ideas.

You can also make up things to do. Once we had  a progressive fast food dinner (give your children a certain amount of money and go to four different places where they can get only one item). We went to a drive-in hamburger place, a gas station/convenience store, a mall eatery, and an ice cream place. Not something I'd suggest often, but it turned a boring evening into a fun one - especially when you don't tell them ahead of time which places you are visiting.

We'd also go on flip-a-coin adventures with our own girls and later with our foster daughters. We'd have the girls flip a coin. If it was heads, we'd go straight, if tails we'd turn. They'd flip the coin a second time if we were supposed to turn. Heads for right and tails for left. We'd put about three blocks between each flip, otherwise, we'd just be going around in circles. It was amazing how many interesting places we discovered. Each trip, we'd usually stop for a treat somewhere along the way. Another boredom buster.

If you keep a list of ideas, you can usually pull together something fun when you need it!

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