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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spending Too Much Time and Energy Searching for Tasteful Clothing?

Good morning! I can hear the birds singing. Just thought you might enjoy a picture of our little crocuses in our front garden - they are so cute!

Let's get on to talking about saving some time shopping ...

Spending Too Much Time and Energy Searching for Tasteful Clothing?

I keep hearing parents complain that it's so hard to find age-appropriate, modest clothing for their kids. I also find it difficult to find clothing for myself that is not too revealing. Family Circle Magazine's April 17, 2009 issue has done some searching for us and lists these sources:

www.tinylittletshirtco.com was inspired by a mom who got tired of seeing suggestive t-shirts while shopping with her girls. From the website: "
Here, you’ll only find good vibes. Whether it’s for girls, moms, boys, or dads, we keep it uplifting—with a dash of humor.

www.shadeclothing.com has modest clothing for women, teens, and a few items for girls and men.

www.primoactivewear.com sells t-shirts with athletic, competetive yet upbeat messages. Examples: Believe - This is how I achieve my goals; Perseverence - This is how I earn your respect." For kids and adults.

www.etsy.com has a huge selection of hand-made clothing. While looking at their site, I got a little side-tracked searching for the perfect organizing bag. There may be hope yet!

Please share similar sites where you buy modest, age-appropriate clothing. If you receive this blog via email, go here to comment.