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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's a Great Time to Hire a Mover

Got my menus planned yesterday while waiting to pick up one of our girls from school. It's quite a challenge - we have such picky eaters! In fact, I keep a list of what each girl will eat and won't eat because I can't remember it all. So with my little book in hand, flipping back and forth between the girls' pages, I figured out some meals that would work. I hope your menu planning is not as complicated!

But let's move on ... (harharhar)

It's a Great Time to Hire a Mover

If you are getting ready to move or downsize, this is your lucky day! As you can imagine, with the economic downturn, moving companies are hurting for business. With housing sales slumping, less people are moving.

So moving companies are more likely to negotiate to get your business. My suggestion: get estimates from several. If there is a company you like but they don't have the lowest bid, ask if they will meet the lowest bid.

It's important to know that moving companies have different rates during the month. It's more expensive to move at the end of the month and on holidays. Ask when they offer the lowest rates.

I recommend buying their insurance package, as accidents do happen - even with the most careful movers.

If the whole idea of moving is overwhelming to you, call a professional organizer to help you sort, dispose of, and pack your belongings.
He/she will create a floor plan for your new residence, arrange for movers, and much more! If you are moving locally, your professional organizer will also unpack for you. I promise my downsizing clients that they will be totally moved in at the end of moving day with their pictures on the wall!

To locate a professional organizer near you, go to Faithful Organizers or National Association of Professional Organizers.

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