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Monday, June 16, 2008

Passing My Savings On To You - Lower Prices for My Books

I am no longer using a distributor and selling strictly from my website, which reduces my expenses. So I thought I'd pass my savings on to you!

- My books will now be $6.99 (Decluttering, Organizing Your Kitchen, Organizing Your Office, Organizing Your Child's Room, Time Management for the Office, Clever Cleaning, and Time Management for the Stay-at-Home Mom)

- My workbooks will now be $16.99 (Time Management, Planning Dinner, Downsizing to a Smaller Residence, Planning Your Child's Parties, Time Management for the College Student, Time Management for the Working Mom, Time Management for the Single Mom, Managing Your Time, Energy and Clutter with Application to Multiple Sclerosis

- Hassle Free Dinners CD will now be $16.99 (52 weeks of dinner menus, instructions, and grocery lists + lots more)

- My ebooks will remain at $5.99.