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Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick, Frugal Meal

My husband and I are off from foster parenting for a few days and we get to eat what we want to eat. We can mix vegetables. We can eat salads. We can eat fish. We don't have to think about picky eaters. 

So the first night off, we raided the fridge and created a meal from what we had there - a stir fry.

I started with a little olive oil and sauteed some onions while cutting up some of the other veggies. I added a little garlic. Then came veggies in the order of what needed to cook the longest.

First came the carrots, then cauliflower, then broccoli and asparagus. From the leftovers in the fridge, we chopped up a baked potato, added some corn and cooked asparagus and broccoli. At the very end, I threw in a handful of baby spinach.

We didn't add meat or any other spices or herbs. Just a little salt and pepper. The onion and garlic flavored the dish wonderfully. With a fruit salad, we were set!

No extra cost - just using what was in the fridge, including some leftovers. And exactly what we wanted to eat!

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