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Friday, December 26, 2008

My Husband's Quick and Easy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken

Hope you had a nice Christmas. Ours was very quiet. My husband decided to cook dinner for us, as I have another bug (hmph!). He came up with this recipe on his own, and it was delicious! Isn't he amazing?

He sauteed boneless chicken breasts, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes in a little olive oil. When it was almost done, he threw in some baby spinach. It was fabulous! The tomatoes added enough salt so he didn't have to add any.

Do you have some quick and easy recipes you'd like to share?


South Paw said...

Sounds yummy Bev, way to go Bob!!

1-2-3...Get Organized said...

I don't recognize your blogger name - give me a hint!

Anonymous said...

sounds great!! i have a super easy, healthy one for you- saute in olive oil red and green peppers with yellow squash. then put some on a tortilla and top with cheese. :)

1-2-3...Get Organized said...

Sounds yummy. We'll have to try it!