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Friday, April 10, 2009

An Clever Idea for Creating a Family Hub

Happy Good Friday! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. :) My entire family - my parents, siblings, and our children - are going to all be together for the first time in forever! I'm so excited!

Here's a clever idea:

Homestead Mamma has created a unique system to keep her family organized:

"I keep 2 of those plastic 3 drawers sets by the back door. The drawers are labeled Marty, Susan, Colt, Riley, Needs Attention (Bills), Need to Mail/Go Out.

When I get the mail each day, I sort it into the drawers. I also put phone messages in the drawers and things that a person needs to attend to (permission slips, etc.), I also put in there reminders of things they need to do (chore lists, etc.).

Everyone is responsible for their own drawer, and they need to check it on a daily basis and follow up on anything that needs to be done.

When I leave the house I always check the Need to Mail/Go Out drawer for things that I need to mail or take with me also my grocery list. I often put my lists of things to do or purchase in the Need to Mail/Go Out drawer.

The Needs Attention (Bills) drawer gets checked on a weekly basis on Friday (pay day), and any bills get paid then."

I love it! How do you organize your family? If you receive this via email and would like to comment, use this link.