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Monday, June 8, 2009

Before and After Pictures - Organizing a Bedroom

I spent some time last week helping a client organize a bedroom. I took some pictures so you can see the progress, too. The before pictures are on the left and the after
pictures are on the right.

Thankfully, my client is going to have a garage sale soon, so most of our unwanted items were removed from the room, awaiting that event. But they could have been donated just as easily.

We emptied four pieces of furniture, which will be sold in the garage sale. One bookcase was able to go into another room, but the three matching cream-colored pieces had to stay in the room because there was nowhere else to put them. But once they are sold, the bedroom will be roomy and uncluttered!

Now my client has a functional, quiet refuge where she can read, watch a movie or spend some time to herself!

When you rid yourself of unnecessary clutter, not only is your house lighter but you feel lighter yourself, as you are not carrying the burden of owning so many possessions! My client expressed her relief at getting rid of so much stuff! She did a great job of making decisions and not holding on to things she no longer needs!

I'll have some garage sale tips tomorrow.

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