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Friday, March 16, 2012

Organizing Pros Weigh In on Baby Crib Organization

In a recent chat about baby cribs amongst professional organizers, several great ideas surfaced. Since we are expecting our first grandchild soon, this certainly caught my eye. Maybe this is helpful to you, too.
- A convertible crib is extremely efficient. It starts out as a crib, then it converts to a toddler bed when needed, and eventually transforms into a full size bed as the child grows older. We bought one for grandbaby at Walmart. Just remember to buy a mattress, too! We didn't realize it didn't come with one! Haha! These are also sold at JCPenney and Babies R Us and other stores that carry baby products.

- Another organizer mentioned the Ultimate Crib Sheet. Here are her thoughts: "
This crib sheet snaps onto the crib, which is easy for removal & washing...but is also safe, as it fits snugly to the mattress.  In addition, we are night-time potty training our toddler daughter & this crib sheet has come in quite handy in her "big girl bed" to just lay underneath where she might potentially have an accident...saves us from having to strip the sheets (in a crib or a big bed!).  I would also suggest that parents purchase more than one Ultimate Crib Sheet so that if one is in the wash & it's nap time, you have another one clean & ready to go."

 These are the product details:
  • Four products in one
  • Easily changed without removing bumper or lifting mattress
  • Holds up to 4 cups of liquid
  • Measures 28" x 52"
  • Attaches to the crib by ten elastic straps to ensure a safe night's sleep for baby
- To reduce the risk of SIDS, it is recommended that babies are put to sleep in a crib with nothing but a firm mattress in it (no crib bumpers, toys or blankets). 

- According to Parents as Teachers, mobiles and crib gyms should be removed from the crib as soon as the child can sit up. 

- Put two layers of sheets/waterproof pads on their crib mattresses. If baby has a middle of the night mess you can just pull off the first layer. 

- Store baby clothes in the next sizes in an underbed plastic container. One organizer wrote: "It is especially handy to have them close in the first year when they change sizes several times. (I also always wash them before putting them away so that I can use them immediately when needed.)"

- Another organizer wote: "Found this idea recently via Pinterest about upcycling a crib.  When your child is done using it, turn it into a kids desk, adult desk or bench!"
Clever and efficient ideas! For more information on crib safety click here.

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