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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Destressing Christmas, Part 9, 2009 - Efficient Shopping on Black Friday

Want to get a jump on Black Friday shopping? Here are a few websites that already have Black Friday ads up - so you can plan your strategy or sit at home shopping in your pajamas!

Black Friday Ads
The Black Friday
Black Friday Info

Online Shopping Tips

1. If you google the name of your store followed by "free shipping and handling", you may find coupons for free shipping and handling. I googled "jcpenneys free shipping and handling" and came up with: http://www.freeshipping.org/category/jc-penney-free-shipping-code/, which offered some free shipping and handling codes plus some discount coupons.

2. Kohl's honors their discount store coupons when you shop online. And you can shop the early bird specials online rather than having to go to the store.

3. My suggestion: to protect your identity when you shop online, use a credit card that is not attached to your bank account.

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