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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living with Imperfection

One of the best time management skills to master is knowing when to do a top-notch job and when to live with imperfection. It is impossible to expect perfection from yourself in everything you do. Otherwise you will never stop working!

If you have perfectionist tendencies, ask yourself if perfection is necessary for the task at hand. Is it worth the extra time to do it perfectly? If not, determine what is necessary and let the rest slide. Your twitching will eventually stop!

If perfectionism is getting in the way of quality relationship time or personal refueling time, stop now! Perfection is not worth that sacrifice.

During a quiet moment, ask yourself why perfectionism is so important to you. Is it a competition issue? A self-image issue? Something you've carried from childhood? Take a look at the cost of perfectionism on you and yours. Are you forcing others to be perfectionists, too? Does it create stress?

Some tasks are just not important enough to require perfectionism. Some are. Knowing the difference is the key.  

Allow yourself to be human and imperfect!

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