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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creating a Place for Swim Gear

Wow! What a difference a couple of days makes! We found out Tuesday that one of our other houseparent couples is going to have to resign because of health issues. So we will taking their two girls starting tomorrow! That makes four teenage foster daughters and a full house. Are we crazy or what?!? LOL Let's think about swimming instead ...
We joined a fitness center that has several pools for the summer. As a result, I wanted to avoid having wet towels and swimsuits laying around.

We have a couple of rows of hooks in our laundry room, the entrance from our garage. I cleared off several of the hooks so we can hang our swim gear when we come home.

If you'll be in the water a lot over the summer, you may want to figure out a place to hang your wet items - the laundry room, your garage, bathrooms, etc. Whatever works for you! In the past, we have attached plastic hooks to the shower wall to hang wet suits.
We don't have a lot of swim toys, etc., but if you do, you could have a plastic basket for each person to store their toys, shoes and such. Choose a different color for each person so they're easily identifiable. 
Each person can just grab his/her basket on the way out the door.

You could store larger swim items in an extra garbage can or large laundry basket. Drill a few holes in the bottom to release the water. 

You may also want to have a bag for each person to carry swimsuits, clothes, etc. to the pool. We have gotten plain bags from the craft store which can be decorated with fabric paint. 

All these items can create quite a bit of chaos in no time. It's nice to take a moment to think through how to keep them from taking over your house!

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