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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Decluttering Seminar

Just a reminder to local friends - I'll be giving a seminar on decluttering on Saturday, November 13 from 3-4:30 pm at the Kent Free Library in Kent, OH. There is no need to pre-register. Hope to see you there!

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Getting a Jump on Christmas Cookies

Last night our foster daughters wanted to make chocolate chip cookie dough and eat it. I know it's not all that healthy, but hopefully they won't get sick. We didn't get to it last night, so we'll probably try it today. 

My deal with them: they can have the equivalent of three cookies each and we'll freeze the rest of the dough for Christmas cookies. And my Christmas baking will have begun! Here's a post from the past on Christmas cookies:

I've done Christmas cookies in various ways over the years. Sometimes I've made them as we've needed them or wanted them. But two of my favorite ways to get a jump start on cookies are:

1. My friend Pam and I came up with a great way to get a jump on Christmas cookies. We originally set aside a day in December to make Christmas cookies all day, split them and stock our freezers. But that was pretty exhausting.

2. Then one year, we couldn't find a date in December, and that changed our Christmas cookie baking from then on. We decided to get together in November and just make the dough, freeze it in small batches, and cook as needed. It's so easy to just thaw a small amount, form into cookies, and bake! All the work and mess is over with and you have fresh baked cookies in a jiffy when you need them.

Plus we got to spend the day together!
I miss it. Now that we live in Ohio and she lives in Maryland, it doesn't quite work! I need to mention that we did this when our children were in college or on their own. If making memories with your children is part of the equation, you may want to disregard our "mass production" mindset! :)

If you need to find a cookie recipe, my daughter Sara sent me a list (Cookies, Cookies, Cookies) of every possible cookie recipe known to man.

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