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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Follow Up to: Ink for 1/3 the Cost? No Way!

Do you remember my blog about buying ink for my Epson printer at 4Inkjets.com for 1/3 the cost? Just thought I'd give you an update.

Yesterday was the first time I had to change ink cartridges since I wrote the blog. And they worked! My daughter had bought some and started using them in her office while we were in Montana.

The cartridges are a little do-it-yourself - you have to insert the ink case into a frame-like thing, which when put together makes the cartridge. It was so easy, though, that even I could figure it out although the instructrions were written in yellow and almost impossible for me to read.

Because we were gone for almost two weeks without using the printer, though, I had to clean the nozzles of my printer because ink had dried up. Thankfully, that happened before I put in new cartridges. Otherwise I would have thought that it was the new ink.

So I still ended up wasting paper (one of my pet peaves!) because I had printed a bunch of stuff before realizing the blank stripes on my printed papers. Ugh. But it's better than my experience with HPs.

So, my initial reaction is that I'm pleased that I'm buying ink for 1/3 the price, and that it seems to work. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Have you tried ink from 4Inkjets.com or similar places? What is your experience?

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