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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Efficient and Clothes-Lean

For some reason, I'm in the mood to clean out my closet. Maybe it's because I've come to the point of having enough clothes I really like. That creates a glaring contrast to those clothes I have in my closet that I don't really like or like how they look on me. That keep hanging in my closet unworn.

So why am I keeping the latter? Good question! 

I want my closet to house only my "feel fabulous" clothes. As a result, I'm removing those that don't fit this category. Even if they are in good shape. Even if they fit. Even if I've only worn them a few times. Painful, huh?

But what good is it to keep them? It just makes it harder to get dressed in the morning because I have to weed through my unfavorites to find my favorites. 

I've started making a pile of giveaways/donations - I love it! 

If there are some pieces of clothing you can't part with or wear only once or twice a year, put them in another closet or in a storage container or in a hard-to-get part of your closet. Don't let them take up valuable real estate in the most usable part of your closet! 

Then, when you get dressed in the morning, you have only fabulous clothing to choose from! Start your fall feeling fabulous and clothing-lean! 

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