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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Overwhelmed by Unfinished Projects?

As I've studied personality types, I've learned that there are people who like to have closure and those to whom it doesn't matter as much. The former usually like to finish projects or will force themselves to do so for the sake of closure.

The latter may lose interest before the project is finished. This may be due to the inability to estimate how much time will be needed to complete the project. In addition, these people may be creative, artistic individuals with unlimited ideas and possibilities, and, as a result, unfinished projects.

If you're one with numerous unfinished projects lying around, start making some decisions! Give yourself permission to discard unfinished projects! If you've learned what you want to learn, enjoyed the experience along the way, and are ready to move on to something else, say goodbye.

If you're not yet ready to give up a project, either set a deadline for yourself or box it up to finish another time. Or box it up as a keepsake. That way, your project will not be sitting there, mocking you because you didn't finish.

By making decisions about your unfinished projects, you will rid yourself of clutter as well as the heaviness and guilt associated with them.

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