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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning the Garage - Storing Hazardous Materials

It's sunny today - a welcome respite after more snow over the weekend! My husband and I bought a planter kit for my herbs and a grow light, so I'm excited to get going on my herb garden. I'm going to try growing them from seed this year, trying to stagger some of them so I'll have them all summer. We'll set up a place in our garage for them to grow when it's not sunny. Speaking of garages, here's a rerun of a post from the past ....
Spring is the time to clean out the garage, swapping out winter items for summer ones. As you attempt this task, here are a few pointers from Don Townson of the Vancouver Sun about storing hazardous materials:

"If you have to keep hazardous materials in the garage, follow these rules:

- Store products in their original containers with their labels

- Never mix products

- Keep gasoline in an approved container

- Do not store gasoline or volatile solvents near water heaters or other appliances with pilot lights

- Keep flammables away from outlets, electric tools and appliances

- Store all hazards out of reach of children and pets; use a locked cabinet

- Buy containers with child-resistant caps

- Dispose of hazardous materials appropriately."

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