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Monday, August 9, 2010

Organizing Summer Fun When Everyone is Bored: A Crazy Dinner

Last week as we sat down for dinner, the girls asked us if we were missing something since we had neither utensils or plates on the table. Nope, it is a crazy dinner.

I had printed the list below, cut it into strips, and placed the strips in a paper lunch bag. We proceeded with dinner, eating one item at a time: pork chops, pasta salad, and fruit.

With each item, each person drew a slip out of the bag. He/she must eat that item using the utensil and container on his/her slip of paper. 

We laughed so hard throughout the entire meal. We topped it off with brownies which we had to eat using no hands! One of the girls suggested whipped cream, so we had a glorious mess putting our faces into our brownies. And we have pictures to provie it! Unfortunately, we are not allowed to post pictures of our foster daughters. :(

This simple list turns an ordinary dinner into a crazy, fun one! Thanks to my friend Margaret for giving me the idea.

Pan lid with a wooden spoon

Punch cup with a spatula

Heart dish with a plastic knife

Plastic cup with a relish fork

Pan with tongs

Pie plate with a large ladle

Angel food cake pan with an ice cream scoop

Bread pan with a measuring teaspoon

Syrup pitcher with a teaspoon

Mug with a soup spoon

Juice glass  with a measuring tablespoon

Serving bowl with a slotted spoon

Corn dish with a butter knife

Egg cup with a small ladle

Glad container with chop sticks

Spring form pan with corn holders

Stock pot with salad serving fork

Large measuring cup with a rubber scraper

Large white bowl with a cooking fork

2-quart pitcher with a melon baler

Crockpot with a wooden spatula

9 x 9 pan with a slotted spatula

Cake pan with ice tongs

Corningware with an icing knife

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