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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Get Organized Month - Declutter Your Kitchen Linens

How about those kitchen linens? Hopefully this will be a quick and easy task, unless you have massive quantities of linens.

Let's start with kitchen towels and dishcloths. Are there any that are unacceptable - holey, stained, etc? Toss those in your rag bag and use for washing the car and other cleaning tasks. Do you have enough left to make it through a week? If not, make a note on your shopping list. Arrange neatly in your drawer in like-sized piles, with the items you use most often most accessible to you.

What about potholders? They live a difficult life - getting burned and soiled. Toss what is unusable and take stock of what's left. Is it enough? I keep my potholders in the drawer under the oven for easy access. If you don't have enough room, consider getting some magnets with hooks on them.

Do you use aprons? Take inventory to see if you have what you need and get rid of anything that isn't working for you. I have my aprons on a hook rather than in a drawer - saves my precious drawer space.

That wasn't too bad, was it?