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Monday, January 11, 2010

Gaining Storage without Losing Floor Space

Happy Monday! We had a three-day weekend, as Friday was a snow day. We've had significant snow cover for a while with another inch or two expected today. Can't remember the last time the temp was above freezing! This global warming is really a problem, isn't it? LOL!

Now to our topic - getting some free storage:

If you don't have floor space for shelves or storage units, create shelves in your walls! Just open up any wall between studs, and fit with shelves - free storage! This is a wonderful option for tiny bathrooms with little storage, for insets to display collections, to house little spice containers in the kitchen, and much more.
An article by Betsy Rice Webb describes how to create recessed shelves and what to look for before you cut into your walls.

You can also nail 2" x 4" boards to studs in your garage to
provide storage for small items. Insert pipe between the studs to provide hanging space.

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