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Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't Fall Prey to these Thieving Tricks - Plan for Your Security

A couple of stories to learn from:
I recently heard a story of someone's house being cleaned out after their car was broken into. Their GPS and garage door opener were stolen. The GPS had "home" listed as a destination. The thieves drove to their home, opened the garage door and loaded their truck with their victims' valuables.
The moral of the story: don't put "home" on your GPS. Put a nearby location (a gas station or other store) so you can find your way home, if you need to.
The second story was of a woman whose purse was stolen. The thief texted her husband using her cell phone and asked for the pin number for their bank account. "Hubby" was listed on her phone. Her husband texted the pin number and the thief used her ATM card and cleaned out their bank account. 
The moral to this story: don't put your relationship to the person on your contact list or make sure to call back if your spouse texts to get a pin number.
Pretty sneaky tricks, huh? But easy to happen if we don't pay attention.
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