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Friday, April 11, 2008

Managing Your Time, Energy, and Clutter - With Application to MS

I am happy to announce a new book in the 1-2-3 ... Get Organized series: Three Steps to Managing Your Time, Energy and Clutter - with Application to Multiple Sclerosis.

As you may remember, I spoke to MS patients from Oak Clinic in Canton, Ohio in February on this subject. After collaborating with the staff from Oak Clinic, doing my own research, and drawing on my organizational experience, I created this tool especially for those suffering with MS. The workbook helps MS sufferers determine the legacy they want to leave, which, in turn, guides them in how they spend their time, gifts, and energy.

The workbook also serves as a portable filing system as well as a reminder system for important dates, appointments, and information. Included are ways to conserve and maintain energy and ways to effectively deal with clutter.

If you know someone who struggles with MS, this might be a helpful tool you could give them to lighten their burden!