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Friday, April 2, 2010

Time is Money: The Best Times to Do Everything (100 Tricks & Tips) - from Online Degrees

Our friends at Online Degrees published this fabulous list on March 30, 2010, and asked if I could pass in on to you. With pleasure! 

"When it comes to money, timing is everything. If you time it right, you can get massive discounts, save yourself hassle, and make life easier. Check out these tricks and tips to find the best times to do just about anything.

Here you'll find out the best time to make financial moves.
  1. Sell your stocks: Don't sell at the first sign of trouble if you want to get the most out of your stocks.
  2. Refinance your mortgage: Consider economic conditions, your credit history, and length of loan when planning your mortgage refinance.
  3. Sell a vacation home: Sell your vacation home at a time of year that it looks attractive, and there are lots of travelers visiting.
  4. Pay your credit card: Pay on time and in full to avoid finance charges and late fees.
Check out these tips to time your health perfectly.
  1. Exercise: Many people find that morning workouts can help keep them consistent.
  2. Drink a protein shake: You should drink a protein shake either first thing in the morning, or immediately following your workout-or both.
  3. Weigh yourself: Weigh yourself in the mornings, on a consistent basis.
  4. Stretch: Stretch whenever you can fit it in, but a good stretch before bed can release the tension from your day.
  5. Eating healthy: The best time to start eating healthy is right away.
  6. Take your multivitamin: Take your multivitamin at a mealtime to aid absorption and avoid nausea.
  7. Get a tan: If you're going to tan outside, the hours of 10:30AM-3PM are the best.
  8. Join a gym: Join a gym in June, when the New Year rush is completely over and gyms are willing to make a deal.
  9. Check blood glucose: Test one to two hours after you start eating for the peak level of your blood glucose.
  10. Buy sporting goods: Bicycles and sporting goods go for the best price in January.
  11. Check blood pressure: Blood pressure is best measured in the afternoon in a moderate climate.
  12. Sleeping: Heading to bed between 9PM and midnight is ideal for most adults.
These tips offer the absolute best times to buy anything.
  1. Airline tickets: Buy your airline tickets on a Wednesday, about 21 days before your flight for the best deals.
  2. Appliances: Holiday weekends, even small ones, are when retailers bring out the big guns.
  3. Baby clothes: Buy baby clothes while you're pregnant at the end of each season to catch clearance bargains.
  4. Jewelry: Holiday sales offer the best possibility for discounts.
  5. Digital cameras: Save money by buying your digital camera after the holiday rush.
  6. Air conditioners: Shop for a new air conditioner in the winter when the demand is low.
  7. Bicycles: New models are released in February or March, so look for your new older model at the beginning of the year.
  8. Electronics: Buy the old model right after a new model is announced for the best savings.
  9. Linens: White sales during January are the best time to buy linens and bedding.
  10. Furniture: Furniture prices are generally slashed in January, July, and on holidays.
  11. Gift cards: Buy gift cards at a discount a few weeks after Christmas.
  12. Books: Most major bookstores release weekly discounts on Thursdays, although some do them on Tuesdays.
  13. Cars: A weekday in September, when dealers want to get rid of old models and there's lots of time to negotiate.
  14. Clothes: Shop on a weekday at the end of a season to save the most on clothing.
  15. Used cars: The best time to buy used cars is in April.
  16. Mattresses: Buy your mattress in May when retailers need to make room for new models.
  17. Cell phones: Buy a new cell phone when you sign up for new service so that you can get it for free.
  18. Toys: Buy toys on holiday sales as early as October.
Entertainment & Travel
Time your entertainment and travel with these tricks.
  1. Show tickets: Roll the dice and buy Broadway tickets the day of through ticket lotteries that offer inexpensive prices.
  2. Visit Disney World: Balance crowds, weather, park hours, and special events for the best time to visit Disney World.
  3. Best time to go: BestTimeToGo.com will offer you advice on the best time to go anywhere.
  4. Thanksgiving travel: Leave as early as possible on Wednesday or earlier for the best Thanksgiving travel.
  5. Surf in Hawaii: Use this site to find out the best times to surf in Hawaii.
  6. Hotel rooms: For a reduced rate, book your hotel stay on a Sunday.
  7. Video games: Video games are best purchased in January and February.
  8. Star Gazing: Star gazing is best after sunset during a new moon.
  9. Pee during a movie: Use RunPee.com to find out the best time to pee during movies.
Perfect your business timings with these tips.
  1. Promote a business: Promote your business during bad times for the best attention.
  2. Start a business: Many people believe the best time to start a business is in college, or in the 5-10 years immediately following.
Check out these lifestyle timing tricks.
  1. Adopt a pet: Adopt a pet when you have stability, time, and not a whole lot of change in your life.
  2. Get married: Get married during the fall or winter for the best availability and prices.
  3. Pick up women: 10:48 is reported to be the best time to pick up women.
  4. Getting pregnant: Time sexual intercourse just before and during ovulation for the best chance of getting pregnant.
Buy, eat, and drink, at the right time with these tricks.
  1. Wine: Get the best selection and price for wine after the fall harvest.
  2. Time to eat your main meal: The late afternoon is the best time to eat your main meal.
  3. Champagne: Prices on champagne are lower during the holidays than they are all year.
  4. Make stock: With all the ingredients on hand, Thanksgiving is the best time for making broth.
  5. Cookware: Newlyweds and college students often receive cookware in the early summer, so buy yours before the rush, or catch items on special during the holiday season.
  6. Candy: Buy chocolate and candy right after major holidays, where you can find markdowns up to 75% off.
  7. Groceries: Groceries often start sales on Wednesdays, so visit on that day for the best deals.
  8. Eating out: You'll typically find the freshest food on Tuesdays, but Sundays are the best time to find specials.
Writing & Marketing
These tips offer the best times for writing and marketing.
  1. Send an email: Based on past results, look at when people most often open your email and take action.
  2. Start a second blog: When you're fully managing a successful blog, you may be ready to start a second one or more.
  3. Make your pitch: The best time to pitch your product or service is when you can avoid conferences, send them during the day, and avoid Monday or Friday.
  4. Post to your Facebook page: Click through peak on Tuesday, and do well on Mondays and Wednesdays as well.
  5. Send a press release: Most marketers send press releases early in the day early in the week, but some argue that Friday and Sunday works well.
  6. Tweet someone: If you want to catch the attention of a particular Tweeter, use Tweet O'Clock as a guide for the best time.
  7. End an auction: Use this chart for a look into the best times to end eBay auctions.
  8. Time to Tweet: Any time between 1 and 2 PM Pacific Time is the hottest for Twitter, although anywhere from 9AM to 3PM will generally give you good exposure.
  9. Send out link request emails: Send out link request emails on Tuesday mornings for the best response.
  10. Submit a story to Digg: Weekday afternoons in the US are prime time for making it big on Digg.
  11. Publish a blog post: If you only post once a week, Thursday at noon is the best time to put it up.
  12. Best time to use bandwidth: With a glowing router clock, you can find out the best time to use bandwidth.
Education & Career
Get great timing in education and career with these tricks.
  1. Retiring: Most people retire between 62 ad 67 to take advantage of full Social Security benefits while they are still young enough to use them.
  2. Interview for a job: Schedule your interview for the middle of the week between 10 and 11 AM or 2 and 4 PM.
  3. Studying: Study when you are well rested, or right before you go to sleep for the best information absorption.
  4. Time to go to work: Here you'll learn the strategies for working early, late, or on time.
  5. Asking for a raise: Ask for a raise after you've completed a big project, and you've been successful at work.
  6. Getting hired: The winter holidays just might be your best time to find a job, so don't put your job hunt on hold until New Year's.
Use these tips to run your household on time.
  1. Plant grass: For a perfect lawn, plant grass seeds in the fall.
  2. Buy gas: Gas prices go up for the weekend as early as Thursday morning, so fill up on Wednesday for the best deal.
  3. Plant flowers: Bulbs do best when they are planted between September and December. It's easy to remember to plant your bulbs if you do it each Halloween.
  4. Install an Asphalt Driveway: Avoid mixing asphalt during the cold for best results.
  5. Plant shade trees: Plant shade trees during the fall so that their dormancy period lines up with the fall and winter months.
  6. Cut firewood: Cut firewood during the winter or early spring before the sap runs.
  7. Plant shrubs: Fall is the best time to plant most shrubs and trees.
  8. Buy patio furniture: Pick up last year's model of patio furniture for a fraction of the price in May.
  9. List your house: Thursday morning tends to be the best time to list your house.
  10. Divide perennials: With this chart, you'll be able to find the best time to divide perennials.
  11. Painting: Avoid painting when it's windy or raining, and avoid extremely high or low temperatures.
  12. Buy carpet: January is the best time to buy carpet for your house.
  13. Buy a house: Winter: You'll get the most for your money if you buy your house in the wintertime.
  14. Water your lawn: Water your lawn in the early morning hours, around 3AM, when the water pressure is highest and the water can soak into the ground before evaporating.
  15. Plant roses: Plant roses in early spring or late winter.
  16. Mow your lawn: Mow your lawn when no more than 1/3 of the blades will be cut, late in the day or evening when the grass can recover before the sun comes out.
  17. Plant vegetable gardens: Watch this video to learn about the best time to plant your vegetable garden.
Get the timing right for children using these tips.
  1. Having children: For most families, the biological and financial age of 23 through 32 is best for starting a family.
  2. Tell your boss you're pregnant: Tell your boss you're pregnant at 12 weeks or later, when you are sure the pregnancy is viable. If you're in the middle of a big project or performance review, wait until it is complete.
  3. Toilet training: Researchers have noted that the age of 24 to 32 months is prime time for potty training.
  4. Weaning a baby: Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months, with breastfeeding supplemented by solid foods through the first year to two years.
  5. Have more children: Read these opinions to see whether having more kids after your first should be soon, or take a while.
  6. Relocate your children: Summer is generally the best time to move with children.
  7. Announce your pregnancy: Many people believe that 12 weeks is the best time to announce your pregnancy, while you are out of the most dangerous time for a miscarriage.
  8. Visits to the DMV: The DMV reports that Wednesdays, Thursday mornings, and Fridays experience the least wait times."
We may come back and look at some of these in detail in the future!

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