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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Organizing For College - Dorm Room

I really enjoyed helping my daughters get ready for college. Between the three of us, I'm sure we kept The Container Store in business! Now that I've moved to Ohio, the nearest Container Store is two hours away! Ugh! Maybe it's better that way. :-)

I just received an ad from The Container Store yesterday, showcasing six very cool rooms. If you or someone you know is getting ready for college, this is a great place to start - very fun ideas. And they are having a summer sale! Just click The Container Store image in the left side bar to see the six rooms.

One of my favorite products that both my daughters used was a folding crate. You can find it by clicking Summer Sale at the top of The Container Store page. On the first page in the second row you'll find folding crates. They come in several colors and can be used with or without wheels.

We packed up the girls' college items in the crates. And then when they moved into their dorm rooms, we turned them onto their sides and used them as shelves. You can stack several on top of each other. If you don't need to use all of them, they collapse to only a few inches and can be stored in very little space. And they're great for life after college, too!

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