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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Realtor: Key to Selling Your Home

Looking to sell your home in the near future? Here's some advice from Houston realtor and broker Marchel Peterson:

"Yesterday I showed the nicest staged home; it was such a pleasure to show.  It was not a big home at 1800 square feet but every room was staged to perfection.  

Staging is becoming more popular all the time and is a wonderful way to show your home off to its best advantage.  I do realize that not all sellers are going to want to have their home staged but even if you don’t pay a professional stager there are many things you can do yourself.   

As I was looking around this home one of the things that dawned on me was that the clutter was missing.  It looked like a model home.  Now when we opened the garage we found a number of boxes already packed.  Having boxes in the garage is no big deal as the buyer can see that the seller is preparing to move from their house.
Lemons can add a nice staging touch! 
I thought the cut lemon on the counter was a nice touch.  The bowl of lemons has fake lemons in it but there was one half of a lemon cut up and the rest of the lemon was in a pitcher of water.  Lemons have such a nice clean smell and it is a natural smell.  I have often went in to homes where the candle smell was so strong it made the buyers think the seller was trying to mask some kind of odor.

You can tell from the lemon picture that the counters were relatively clean of clutter.  If you notice that I keep talking about clutter I just think that is one of the keys to getting a home sold.  When there’s a lot of clutter in a home it is hard to look at the home.  Sometimes it is also very nice clutter but the buyer gets so caught up in looking at the stuff they miss the home.

So long story short if you are even thinking about putting your home on the market start thinking about de-cluttering."

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