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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Overwhelmed with Decluttering?

Do you find that you are overwhelmed with a decluttering task? Me, too! I know ... I'm a professional organizer. I'm not supposed to feel that way. But I do.

My husband and I started going through his parents mementos three or four weeks ago. We made great progress, but didn't finish the job. Our guest room has several categories piled around the room. It wouldn't take much to finish, but we have a mental block. Can you relate?

To overcome our mental block, we're going to attack it in 30-minute blasts. We can do anything for 30 minutes! And it will probably only take a couple of blasts for us to complete the job.

It's funny how we get close to the end of a project and lose steam. If you have the same problem, blast away with 30-minute attacks.

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