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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

National Preparedness Month - Evacuation Plan

Earlier in this series we talked about creating a plan. Today we are going to talk specifically about a plan for evacuation. Hurricane Ike is certainly a vivid example of how practical all these preparations are to millions of people!

Homeland Security suggests the following steps to take: -

"Plan places where your family will meet, both within and outside of your immediate neighborhood.
- If you have a car, keep a half tank of gas in it at all times in case you need to evacuate.
- Become familiar with alternate routes and other means of transportation out of your area.
- If you do not have a car, plan how you will leave if you have to.
- Take your emergency supply kit unless you have reason to believe it has been contaminated.
- Lock the door behind you.
- Take your pets with you, but understand that only service animals may be permitted in public shelters. Plan how you will care for your pets in an emergency.

If time allows:
- Call or email the "out-of-state" contact in your family communications plan.
- Tell them where you are going.
- If there is damage to your home and you are instructed to do so, shut off water, gas and electricity before leaving.
- Leave a note telling others when you left and where you are going.
- Check with neighbors who may need a ride."

You may want to print out this list and keep it with your emergency kit. By having a list, you won't need to think in a time of emergency. I wrote down all my credit card, bank an other important information in a spiral notebook that I put in my emergency drawer. I also added my "what to grab list" to it - those things I use every day that I would want with me: contacts/glasses, meds, etc. I'll print the above list and stick it in my notebook so I'll be ready.

We keep a car phone charger for our cell phones in each car at all times, so we always have phone capabilities. And we have a car adapter for our laptop. I have added that to our list of things to take in an emergency.

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Source: National Preparedness Month

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