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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cash from your Clutter

Do you have clutter that could bring in some cash? In these economic times, you may discover some items around your home you'd like to exchange for money.

Here are a couple of ideas:
- Craig's List is an online classified ad site. You can submit an ad at no charge to the Craig's List in your area - there's a list for every part of the country. You can also list services your business supplies to clients.

- eBay is a little more complicated, but reaches a national audience.

- You can also barter products and services, a practice that is gaining popularity. By googling "barter" you'll discover several sites that will help you get started.

All of these are win/win situations: you get rid of clutter and receive money or a desired item in return!

Do you have other ideas for turning clutter into cash?

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Carolyn said...

Scrap metal recyclers! Don't toss your old appliances - recycle them for $ ~ especially copper! This works best if you own or have access to a small trailer. You may also have to separate the metal from plastic and other materials. We made $160 from our last haul.

Qlubb-Andy said...

Of course donating old stuff doesn't bring you hard cash but it does provide $$ savings for your taxes. If tax deductions make sense for you, you can get 30% back off the value of whatever you donate which is sometimes more valuable than what you can sell it for. Plus you can more easily get rid of your old stuff than going through the overhead of selling (and fulfilling) individual items.