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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teaching Children to Organize

How soon can you start teaching your children how to organize? In my opinion,  you can start teaching your children organization skills when they are small.

When you help them put away toys, you can talk about putting books away with the other books. Putting a truck in its special spot on the shelf. Legos in the box with other Legos.

When you do laundry, have your children help by folding their own clothes. It doesn't have to be a perfect job! Teach them to put like things together while folding and while putting them away. 

Yesterday while helping a client downsize for a move and we were in her son's bedroom, he pointed out to his mom that a shirt was in his pajama drawer. He put it away where it belonged. And he was only three or four!

While emptying the dishwasher, talk about spoons going with spoons, forks going with forks, bowls stacking on each other, etc. It teaches your children that everything has a place and like things go together.

There is something comforting to a child when there is order - life is predictable and safe, not chaotic and haphazard. Did you ever think about organization providing safety and security for your child? That's motivating, isn't it?

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