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Monday, May 23, 2011

Organizing the Garage - A Little at a Time, Part 1

We need to tackle our garage, but we'll probably need to do it a little at a time - know the feeling? So I'm going to write several blog posts that will break this big job into some bite-sized pieces.

Start with removing several things:

- Recyclable items. We keep several boxes just outside the laundry room door in the garage where we can throw paper, cardboard, etc. Our trash service picks up bottles and cans, but does not pick up paper products or plastic bags. 

Over the winter we had collected several bags of plastic bags, hoping to take them to the humane society when our girls volunteered there. It didn't happen. 

- Items to donate. We had also collected several bags to donate to Goodwill. We loaded the plastic bags and the items to donate and got rid of them all in one trip.

- Trash. Even though we have a trash can in the garage, it's amazing how trash just accumulates, isn't it? 

Just by getting rid of these items, it clears out quite a bit. So if you have some of these items to remove, load them in your car and do it now!! If you have a large quantity, keep working at it until this step is done. 

Great first step!

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