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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Basket a Day Keeps Chaos Away

Getting out the door in the morning is a monumental task for most families! In the past, we've talked about having a chart near your calendar, listing items each family member needs on specific days.

I recently read about an interesting way one person organizes items that must accompany members of her family out the door. She has a basket for each day of the week. Each basket holds items family members need on that particular day.

For example,
if you need to return a borrowed item to someone you are going to see on Monday, stow it in Monday's basket. If a certain article needs to go to school on a particular day, placing it in the basket for that day insures it won't be forgotten. Library books that are due on Saturday can be dropped in Saturday's basket once read.

This is a great system for visual people, for people with ADD, and for those who don't like lists. Plus it cuts down on clutter because items have a place to live while they are waiting to leave the house.

But where to put those seven baskets? In a closet, perhaps. Or in a cupboard in your mud room or garage. Near the door where you exit your home, certainly.

I like this idea, don't you? Finding room for seven baskets might be a challenge, though.

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