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Monday, January 16, 2012

Organizing for a Power Failure - Are You Prepared?

This is the season for power outages (if winter ever shows up!!) - snow and ice and high winds. We had high winds recently with a forecast of power failure. So I decided to make sure we were ready. My brother first told me about power failure lights - lights plugged in throughout your home that activate if the power goes out. 

Yes, flashlights are good. But these lights illuminate a whole room for up to six hours. It makes a scary situation not so scary.

These are not night lights and do not shine unless the power goes out. I put one in the living room and one in the upstairs hallway, so we'll be able to navigate safely. 

 I found my Brinks Emergency Power Failure Lights at Walmart for about $10 each. My brother found his at Sam's. I'm not sure of the brand he bought.

Just one more thing to put your mind at ease in an emergency.

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