Is your key ring resembling a peacock with its tail feathers fanned out? All those membership cards can get cumbersome! Here's a review by Fantabulously Frugal in Chicago on a free app that puts them all on your smart phone.

"I get approached on a near daily basis by companies wanting me to tell you about their new smart phone app. Apps are neat, but they're also kind of boring, so I refuse to write about them.

Until today.

I just found the neatest app (nope, I wasn't approached by anyone about this one) and it has already changed my life.

Case in Point:

This was my key ring about a half an hour ago. It was a half pound brick filled with keys and rewards cards.

This is my key ring now - much lighter and free of all of those pesky cards thanks to the Key Ring app, which is my new BFF.

Key Ring replaces all of your membership rewards cards and stores them on your phone for easy access. Then, when you go to the grocery store they'll just scan the bar code from your phone instead of the key ring.

I am kind of technologically impaired, so setting this up was SUPER easy.

You scan in the bar codes from your cards and then save them to your account. If your card doesn't have a bar code you can click that handy "No Barcode" button and enter the code on the card manually.

Once you've scanned in the cards you have, you can scroll through and pull them up quickly. And here's a neat feature - Key Ring will tell you when there are specials that you can take advantage of at the stores. Right now with my card I can get a free sample of Phenom Coconut Water at GNC, $15 off a $75 purchase at Office Depot, and more! I <3 saving money!

Another neat feature is that the app can recommend cards you don't have for stores that are nearby. It can also send coupons direct to your phone, as you can see with Michaels.

So yeah, this is my little public service announcement that this is the neatest app ever. I am so happy that my key ring has been purged of all of those rewards cards, but I still have access to them.

Oh - I forgot the absolute best part... The Key Ring app is FREE!"

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