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Friday, July 1, 2011

Animal Shelters Accept What Other Charities Can't Use

Do you want to get rid of some blankets and towels that are not nice enough to donate to other charities? Animal shelters go through scads of these each year, using them for drying off animals, cleaning up messes, and for bedding.

Both cloth and vinyl placemats are useful as well. The animals don't care if they're faded or worn or have spots on them. Vinyl placemats can go under bowls and cloth ones can line small cages.

Newspapers are something we recycle every day, but could be used to line cages.

Plastic bags multiply like rabbits at my house! Shelters need poop bags when the dogs are taken out for walks. That's a lot of bags!!

Of course, shelters will take new and used pet supplies - beds, carriers, leashes, collars, grooming items, toys, litter. And new food and treats. Check to see if your shelter accepts coupons, too.

Don't forget that humane societies use office, laundry and cleaning supplies. And of course, they'll always take cash. 

Our humane society has a rummage sale every once in a while, so typical donated items would be appropriate for that. 

And donate your time if you're so inclined. If you can't have pets, you can always walk a dog or pet a kitty and get your fix that way. We have several foster daughters who have or are donating time at the animal shelter. Being able to hug an animal is wonderfully therapeutic!

I always feel nice when something I no longer need can help someone else.

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