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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Going to Be On TV!

Channel 3 Morning News has asked me to come in to their studios on Wednesday to tape some segments that will air on Thursday morning during their 6 to 7 am slot. It is part of a program by Cleveland.MomsLikeMe.com called 5 Dinners for Under $50.

I have to take in four meals already prepared, several from my Hassle Free Dinners CD, and ingredients for another meal for someone else to cook. I imagine we'll talk about how economical it is to plan ahead and cook meals at home.

They said I would appear in 45-second segments a few times during the hour. It doesn't look like they have a live stream, so I guess only locals will be able to see it. I'll try to tape it and put it up on my blog if I don't embarrass myself. :)

MomsLikeMe.Com is all over the country - go there to find one near you.


Anonymous said...

fantastic! i hope you can put it up- i'd love to see it!

jacquie said...

Bev- You did a great job Bev- and the meals were FANTASTIC!
Thanks for adjusting to TV time

The video should be up at the morning show page at wkyc.com in the afternoon.

I will also plan on putting them up at cleveland.momslikeme.com homepage