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Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting Organized for School/College - Software Tools

My nephew Jeff (the technical guru in the family) sent along a tip for software he recommends for high school and college students at a great price:

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 from Buy.com may be of interest to your readership. It definitely goes along with the “back to school” theme of your recent blog posts. The Home & Student suite comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a note-taking program called OneNote . It’s great for saving those little bits of useful information that don’t fit anywhere else. Anyway, $85 is a good price, especially considering the license allows it to be installed on three computers.

As you might imagine, with a name like “Home and Student,” the license for this version doesn’t allow for commercial use."

Thanks, Jeff! (I noticed that OneNote retails for $99 itself - so it is a very good deal!)

This fits in perfectly with an article from PC Magazine,
12 Tools to Keep Your School Life Organized, which lists software to help college students organize their studies, time, social life, diet, entertainment, and more!

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1 comment:

Jake said...

Hi Beverly,

I wanted to recommend to you and your users an even more affordable
notes software called NoteScribe. It's a great note taking and organizational software, and it was created for students to use in college. Visit www.NoteScribe.net to see all of the benefits of the program, and for only $21, it's very affordable for students short on cash.

Thanks for your time!