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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Organize for the Holidays

October is a great month to get ahead on some of your holiday organizing. For example, before things get more hectic, take some time this month to clean your carpets. That way, your house will look spiffy for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Plan to do it on a day when the entire household can help move things around, if others are of the age to help. If not, farm out your small children or take a personal day off from work so you can focus on the task. Pick a cool day so your heater will help the carpet dry out.

Or have someone come in and clean your carpets for you. Make sure you understand what they will do and will not do - move furniture, etc.

While the furniture is moved, take the time to dust or clean those hard-to-reach areas.

While replacing furniture, declutter as you go - get rid of unnecessary or excessive stuff that is cluttering up your house.

What a wonderful job done! Don't you feel lighter and very organized?!?

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