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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Give Your Stuff Away Day - May 15

Here's a clever idea that Mike Monroe is promoting: Give Your Stuff Away Day on May 15. Here's a description in his words: 

"Cool happens on May 15, 2010. It’s called Give Your Stuff Away Day and it will work (almost) like magic, as long as we promote the idea and follow procedures about acceptable / prohibited items.

Here are the details – on May 15, we bring to our curbs, items of value we no longer want. No trash, recyclables, illegal, or dangerous items. No food, drugs, chemicals, or weapons. Just safe, valuable items we would like to donate. At the same time, millions of people will be coming around picking up free items. Instantly, the world’s largest giveaway!

You’ll feel good because you removed some clutter and helped a neighbor. Others will be happy obtaining free items in a tough economy. Landfills will shrink a bit and the economy will kick up a notch.

Give Your Stuff Away Day is not really magic – there will be a bit of a mess in some neighborhoods for awhile. And in the short run, municipal refuse hauling expenses will increase (but will shrink in the long run). We’ll also experience some additional traffic. Think of Christmas – a wonderful time of year, but messy."

Below is Mike's contact information. Why not spread the word?

Mike Monroe
Give Your Stuff Away Day
PO Box 21, North Chili, NY 14514
585 749-5107
Facebook - http://tiny.cc/s99rz

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Butch said...

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